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This is the DIY version of our Carbon 500 module.
It comes as a complete kit, with all parts, components and full instructions.
But you have to build it yourself.

Carbon is an advanced build intended for DIYers who have already built at least a couple smaller projects. You should be confident in your soldering ability, and be able to identify the correct orientation for capacitors, semiconductors and diodes. We advice against ordering this if you are just starting with DIY. 

Carbon - 4-band Capacitive EQ

Capacitor based EQ circuits can be considered the “classic” equaliser design, as used in a lot of well known EQ’s (SSL, API, Neve, etc).

Carbon is our take on this classic EQ.

Carbon is a full Class-A, discrete design, and all components have been carefully chosen and matched to provide an extremely musical sound.

This is definitely not a “clone” or “copy” (we at Interphase Audio do not build clones or copies of anything).

Like all our products, Carbon is unique and features great sound and straight forward functionality.

The four EQ bands have large overlapping frequency controls, making it well-suited for minimising problematic frequencies, or giving an extra boost to others.

The HF and LF band can be used as either shelf or peak, for extra punch, dimension or control of high- and low-end.

Each band can be cut or boost with as much as 15dB per band.

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