EQ 8 - Multi-channel / Multi-EQ

EQ 8 - Multi-channel / Multi-EQ

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Originally designed as the middle section for the Ark console input channels, the EQ 8 is the rackmount version of this middle input section of the Ark8.

The EQ 8 is designed to add colour to your tracks, and silky smooth colour that is.

The EQ 8 features 8 of our IP211 modules with 4-band Inductive Equaliser, Hi-Cut filter, Lo-Cut filter and Swing EQ.

The EQ 8 is fully modular.

Each module has 2 in- and outputs, and 2 audio paths, actually making it an EQ with 16 I/O

Each of the four EQ sections - of each module - can be independently used on either “A” or “B” audio path

The EQ 8 has 8 channels, with 2 audio paths and 2 in- and outputs each.

Each channel has 4 EQ sections.

All four sections of the EQ 8 can be used independently from each other, on either of the audio paths of each channel, or can be combined for “extreme” EQ-ing.

The EQ 8 is built-to-order only.
(we'll start building when you order. Delivery time will be confirmed when you order, but can be 4 to 8 weeks)

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