NDUCR-D - Inductor Equaliser

NDUCR-D - Inductor Equaliser

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Taken from the middle section of the Ark console input channels,
the NDUCR-D is the rackmount version of the inductor EQ part of the Ark console channel.

The NDUCR-D is designed to add colour to your signal, and silky smooth colour that is.

The NDUCR-D features 2 channels of 4-band Inductive Equaliser.
* Contrary to our other EQs, the 4-bands are vertically aligned (channel one on the left, channel two on the right)
* Each band can be individually activated / bypassed
* Larger frequency select knobs give better hands-on control of selected frequency
* High-Quality 100 mm Bourns level faders offer the finest control of cut and boost

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